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Mitts That Fit started out as a simple suggestion as I was experimenting with knitting a pair of gloves in January 2013; “Why don’t you customize that for your hand?”

This thought had never occurred to me. Looking back it was silly seeing as I always knit myself gloves and I’d knit the fingers I didn’t really need. When the gloves were finished a week later my uncle set out another preposition, “If you can use those, I bet others could too.”

For the next few days, I researched hand differences, read articles, knit different patterns, and set up a website, etsy, and Facebook. The idea garnered immense amounts of support and, over the next year, grew into what it has become today.

I can proudly say that MTF has changed lives, which is exactly what I set out to do. As I got more into the field I discovered more support for people with limb differences; support groups, organizations, companies… All dedicated to helping people with hand differences cope and understand the trials of having a child with a hand difference. These were not only inspiring but helped lay the groundwork for what Mitts That Fit has now become.

Thank you for all your support.

Michelle Strehl; Founder


17 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello! are you still making gloves for us with special hands?

  2. How can i order mittens or gloves for my little grandaughter? Do you need Pictures and dimensions of hands to make the gloves?

    1. Becky! sorry for the delay in response! All I need to get an order going is a few measurements which can come in the form of pictures with a ruler for scale or tracings of his hand on graphing paper mailed to me (preferred). The second option is much easier for me to get measurements off of. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at mittsthatfit@gmail.com!
      Michelle Strehl

  3. Hi are you still making these xx

    1. Vicki,
      I am still making these! I’m currently working on a way to make sewn and work gloves as well. Let me know if you are interested!
      Michelle Strehl

  4. Very interested

  5. Is it possible to donate to your cause? How?

    1. Susan,
      It is possible to donate via check or paypal. We do not have non-profit status yet as I am still relatively new to this so donations are not deductible. However, I am hoping to apply for non-profit status by the middle-end of next year once I have a chance to see a full years financials. Let me know what you are interested in doing and feel free to email me at mittsthatfit@gmail.com!
      Michelle Strehl

  6. How do I get a pair? I have Polands Syndrome and always wore a child’s sized glove on obe hand and a regular sized glove on the other. Please help 😀

    1. Sarailin,
      Email us at mittsthatfit@gmail.com and we can get you started. We’ve done a lot of work with Poland Syndrome, it should be a breeze to get you a perfect pair!

    2. Sarailin,
      We recieved your email, however, our email was bounced back due to your mailbox being too full. Please get back in touch with us!

  7. My daughter was born with ectrodactyly syndrome and I thought I was going to have to make her, her own pair. My friend showed me this on fb! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! We always want to get her things just like her brother! How can I get her a pair?
    Amanda C.

    1. Amanda,
      We would love to make her a pair! We need measurements from her in the form of a photo with her hands next to a ruler as well as a color choice. Right now, all of our gloves are being done by donation with a minimum of $20 to cover our material and shipping costs. Anything more goes to our knitter for their time. If you decide you’d like to order a pair. Please send your measurements and color choice to our email address (mittsthatfit@gmail.com) or send us a message on Facebook!

  8. Hello!
    I got so excited on seeing that such a thing exists! My boyfriend has oligodactyly and I want to gift him his own gloves for Christmas. But we live in Boston so they need to be really warm. What fabrics do you work with?

    1. Nidhi,

      We specifically make knit gloves from 100% wool. Claire and I are both from Alaska and my gloves were always plenty warm!!

  9. I would love to buy a pair or two.. great idea!

    1. Laura,
      Send us a message with your measurements and we can get you a pair or two!

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