Welcome to Mitts That Fit 2

Mitts That Fit started out as a simple suggestion as I was experimenting with knitting a pair of gloves in January 2013; “Why don’t you customize that for your hand?”

This thought had never occurred to me. Looking back it was silly seeing as I always knit myself gloves and I’d knit the fingers I didn’t really need. When the gloves were finished a week later my uncle set out another preposition, “If you can use those, I bet other could too.”

For the next few days, I researched hand differences, read articles, knit different pattern, and set up a website, etsy, and Facebook. The idea garnered immense amounts of support and over the next year, grew into what it has come today.

I can proudly say that MTF has changed lives, which is exactly what I set out to do. As I got more into the field I discovered more support for people with limb differences; The Lucky Fin Project, Hands to Love, NubAbility Athletics. MTF quickly made connections and only a year later is stronger then I ever expected it to be.

Thanks for all your support.

Michelle Strehl; Founder

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